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Getting from Phoenix to Las Vegas

It’s pretty much a straight shot from Phoenix, Arizona, to Las Vegas, though you’ll need to make your way through a few small towns that lie between the two. There are also a number of direct flights from Phoenix to Las Vegas, and visitors are welcome to take the bus as well.

Phoenix to Las Vegas

Driving distance between the two cities is 300 miles / 483 kilometers.


US Airways offers several nonstop flights between Phoenix and Las Vegas, and these flights are often the cheapest available as well. Several other airlines, including Delta and United, offer service with connecting flights. These usually stop in Salt Lake City or Los Angeles. Ticket prices are usually $100.00-$150.00 for round-trip airfare, though holiday seasons may be higher. Always check for cheap flights to Las Vegas before booking a ticket. Nonstop flight time is just over an hour. Total travel time is approximately three hours.


There are a few companies that run bus service between Phoenix and Las Vegas. Some are tour buses, others are simply passenger buses. Greyhound is the most reliable form of bus transportation, offering a few trips each day. Bus fare runs about $50.00 one way. The ride is approximately eight hours long.


Driving from Phoenix to Las Vegas is as easy as heading northwest out of Phoenix and hopping on 93. The straightest route, which goes over the Hoover Dam, is supposed to take five-and-a-half hours, but traffic can get backed up over the border crossing. If you prefer to avoid the possibility of sitting in traffic on the dam, consider going west once you reach Kingston, Arizona, and cross the border at Bullhead City instead. If you go this route, the total drive is 330 miles / 530 kilometers.

And if you want to do the drive in a bit more comfort and take your time, you could consider an RV. There are RV rental places available for short term trips, but if you’re more serious, check out some RVs for sale in Arizona.

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