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Las Vegas in the Spring

After the long months of winter, many people are ready to shed winter wear in exchange for sunglasses and a touch of sunshine. Las Vegas is on the cusp of stellar weather leading into the spring months, and it’s not unusual to find 70- or 80-degree weather in February, March, April or May.

In all actuality, it’s fairly slow in Las Vegas from the early weeks of January through mid-February for Valentine’s Day and then again until mid-March, when people arrive for Spring Break. During this time, some of the shows in Las Vegas are off schedule for a few weeks and it may be easier to find deals on Las Vegas hotels as each tries to fill its rooms. You likely won’t need to make dinner reservations, and lines at the nightclubs won’t be ridiculously long.

One of Las Vegas’ busiest times during the spring is over the week of Valentine’s Day. Visitation in Las Vegas surges over the holiday, so it’s important to book early and make reservations in advance if there are certain things you’d like to do. Although it is possible to steer clear of all things Cupid-related during this time, the city is also a hot spot for those who would like to plan a romantic getaway.

After the few quiet weeks post-Valentine’s Day, Spring Break descends upon the city. During Spring Break, the energy in Las Vegas takes on a different vibe. Budget hotels on the Strip and those that are particularly appealing to a younger crowd, such as Planet Hollywood and Hard Rock Hotel, are packed and pumping with cheap drinks and parties.

Spring in Las Vegas is when the city’s pools begin opening again, and, though many don’t host pool parties until the summer months, it is worth checking out what may be offered when you’re in town. If pools aren’t your style, the weather in Las Vegas during the spring is still reason enough to spend time outside. This is the ideal time of year to take advantage of one of the many outdoor activities, such as cycling or hiking, that is easily accessible in Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon is particularly pleasant during the spring (though keep your eyes open for flash flooding) and if you’d like to take a day trip to a nearby national park, this is a good time to do it.

Fall and spring are the best seasons of the year to explore local Las Vegas because of the ideal weather conditions. It’s common to find festivals and events happening in various parts of the city as locals embrace the nice weather before the hot conditions of summer settle in. Check local listings once you arrive and rent a car to get beyond the Strip.

Make your springtime trip to Las Vegas memorable when you keep these tips in mind:

  • Las Vegas is in a desert. Drink lots of water, especially if you’ll be spending the day sipping alcoholic beverages by the pool.
  • Las Vegas is a family friendly city, but Spring Break is not necessarily the best time to bring the kids. There are still plenty of good activities for the family during this time, but you’ll also likely encounter drunken college students, which can be a bit awkward with the kids in tow.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! It may not be super hot yet, but the sun is still strong!

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