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Atomic City Tattoo

tattoo artistThere are dozens of places to get tattoos and piercings in Las Vegas. Some are located in the resorts in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, many more are located on the north end of the Strip near Stratosphere, a few are sprinkled downtown and others can be found throughout the rest of the city. All are competing for your business if you want to go home with a permanent memento from your Las Vegas vacation.

Atomic City Tattoo doesn’t have a website, it’s MySpace page is terribly outdated and it barely has any advertising, yet this is one of the most popular and applauded tattoo parlors in all of Las Vegas. Those who have reviewed the company on Yelp! and similar sites rave about the service, quality and experience. It’s for this reason that I chose Atomic City Tattoo for my first piece of skin art.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with my first tattoo experience, but Johnny Vegas, the owner and lead artist at Atomic City Tattoo, is very level headed, calm and reassuring, which definitely helps what could be a high-stress situation. Monk and Texas Bob, the other artists on hand, also get rave reviews. All three are extremely professional, efficient and creative.

The shop is exceptionally spacious, clean and sterile. Though there are several books filled with art at the shop, customized art can be created for a small fee. The prices quoted at Atomic City are much lower than what others find in parlors near this one and especially in the brand name tattoo shops on the Strip. What might go for $400 or more elsewhere in Las Vegas can be created and inked for $150-$200 at Atomic City Tattoo. If I decide to get a second tattoo, I will definitely return to this shop.

Located north of Stratosphere at 1506 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Atomic City Tattoo is in a bright green building. There is a parking lot behind the building, and unless you’re staying on the north end of the Strip, you’ll want to take a taxi or drive a rental car. It opens in the early afternoon and remains open until the wee hours of the morning. It’s Strip location means that it is particularly busy on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Though you can walk in without an appointment, it helps to reserve a time in advance, especially if you need custom artwork drawn or you’d like the work done on the weekend.

Photo credit: _MissAgentCooper