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Entertainment and Art at McCarran International Airport

There are lots of reasons to like McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas: It has fast and reliable wifi throughout the facility. Security lines are organized and move quickly (and the security videos feature many noteworthy Las Vegas celebrities and performers). There is a good selection of stores and restaurants throughout the airport, and you’re never too far away from a sandwich or magazine. And, of course, it is located close to the Las Vegas Strip, and there are plenty of taxis, shuttles and limos to get you on your way as quickly as possible.

But there are a few other reasons to love Las Vegas’ airport that have to do with its entertainment options. If you’re stuck at McCarran for any length of time and need a diversion, consider the following:

You may be coming into the city and have to wait for a friend on another airline or you may be getting ready to leave, but you don’t have to give up your gaming time. There are countless slot machines located throughout terminals 1 and 2. Though you won’t find poker dealers or craps tables, you can still try your luck with a fistful of coins either coming or going.

Slow down for a few moments as you walk throughout the airport and you’ll notice a variety of permanent art displays. These include sculptures (most notably the large, desert-dwelling creatures scattered throughout the airport) and the murals created by local students where the tram to the D gates is located.

In terminal 1, you’ll find the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum, which is located before the security gates. This is a collection of 30 display cases, which showcase and chronicle aviation history in Southern Nevada.

If you’re traveling with the kids, head over toward the D gates for an aviation-themed play area. It offers plenty of safe ways for kids to run off extra energy, and there is space for parents to sit and relax.

Photo credit: pasotraspaso