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Getting from Seattle to Las Vegas

They may both be located on the West Coast, but that doesn’t mean that getting from Seattle to Las Vegas is a hop, skip and a jump. Unless they have sufficient time to drive, most people choose to fly between the two cities.

Seattle and Las Vegas

Driving distance between the two cities is 1,130 miles / 1,818 kilometers.


The most common way to get from Seattle to Las Vegas and vice versa is by plane. There are several airlines that run between the two cities, though many have a connection in Denver, San Francisco, Los Angeles or another West Coast city. For the best chances of getting a non-stop flight, consider booking through Alaska Airlines. Ticket prices generally run between $160.00 and $300.00 round trip, depending on a number of factors. Always check for cheap airfare to Las Vegas before booking. Total non-stop flight time is about two hours and 30 minutes. Total travel time is about four or five hours.


You could take the bus from Seattle to Las Vegas, but this option is really only viable if you have a lot of time to kill. Riding the bus takes more than a day and a half of non-stop travel, and the bus stops in numerous cities throughout Oregon and California. Fares run from about $150.00 to $200.00.


Though there is not a train that runs through Las Vegas, Amtrak’s Coast Starlight runs from Seattle to Portland and onto Los Angeles. From there, you can get from Los Angeles to Las Vegas by bus, car or air. This train ride is considered one of the best in the United States and takes 35 hours to complete.


If you’re up for a road trip, pack the car and head out. Due to the distance, you’ll likely have to turn this car ride into two long days or three moderate days of driving. The shortest route between the two cities is from Seattle onto I-90 into Oregon, where you’ll then hop on the I-84. From there, drive into Idaho, get on I-93 in Twin Falls, and take that road all the way into Las Vegas. Another possible route is to take I-5 all the way south from Seattle into Los Angeles and then east to Las Vegas, but this adds miles to your trip.

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