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Green Buffet at Primm Valley Resort

The options for dining in Primm, Nevada, are not spectacular, but if you’ve made the day trip out to this border town or are planning on spending the night, it’s worth noting what your options are. Just as with most Las Vegas hotels, the resorts in Primm Valley have buffets. At Primm Valley Resort itself, it is called the Green Buffet.

Primm Valley Resort is decorated in a country club type of theme, with white lattice trim, fancy lighting fixtures and a more upper-class and proper feel not prevalent in the other two resorts in Primm. The Green Buffet mirrors the resort’s theme, though the booths have been a bit worn throughout the years and the wait staff looks tired and uninspired, just as one would expect to find in a truck stop diner, which is what Green Buffet has perhaps become in a way since it lies about an hour outside of Las Vegas and is a prime place for people to stop if they’re driving to the city from Southern California.

The Green Buffet is fairly simple and straightforward and certainly not noteworthy like many of those found on the Las Vegas Strip. There is no theme at work on the food line, and you won’t find a celebrity chef cooking up grandiose dishes in the kitchen. Rather, the limited selection on the line includes salads and a selection of fruit (which are actually quite fresh and flavorful) and a standard selection of rice, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, breaded shrimp and a variety of meats. The biscuits come straight out of a package and are heated under the warmer, and chances are that much of the food is similarly packaged versus made from scratch. And, due to the slow traffic in and out of the casino, much of the food sits for too long under the warmers, which leaves it stale and dried out. The dessert spread is a little more plentiful with several selections of pound cakes and frozen yogurt, but it’s really quite limited beyond variations on those options. To say it’s not exactly the ideal dining situation is an understatement, but as an understated, below-the-radar casino with its age working against it, it’s not particularly surprising that the food is only subpar.

What is surprising about the Green Buffet is its price. The quality suffers, and it would make sense if the price reflected that. However, guests can expect to pay anywhere from $9.99 (for breakfast during the week) to $13.99 (for dinner on the weekend). Sign up for a players card in the casino to get points on the dining experience. If you plan on doing any gambling or spending money elsewhere at the three properties in Primm Valley, the points earned add up quickly for discounted or free meals, which is really the only way to justify spending time or money at the Green Buffet.

The Green Buffet is open daily from 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

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Photo credit: Anrushuti RK