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Hunting for Las Vegas Deals

I’ve never been to Vegas, but always wanted to go. I don’t really have any desire to gamble, but it just seems like one of those places you have to visit before you die. So, recently I started looking into planning a trip there. I was actually surprised how cheap the whole thing would be. Naturally I started by looking up air fare from my home town. The prices for flights were not bad at all. I guess because I live near a major airport and the fact that there are a lot of flights to Las Vegas, that that is the reason the flights were so cheap.

The real thing that surprised me in my research for the ultimate Las Vegas vacation was how cheap the hotels can be there. You would think that places like the Excalibur or Mirage Hotel would be really expensive. While they do have super expensive rooms, there are also plenty of decently priced rooms. All you have to do to get cheap Las Vegas hotel rooms is do a little research.

I’m interested to know if any of you readers out there have any suggestions on finding deals on the big shows in Vegas? It seems like many f the popular shoes on the strip have ticket prices hat are well over a hundred bucks. Is there any way to get discounted tickets?