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M&M’s World

Those little hard candies that melt your mouth, not in your hand have a celebrated history. Created in 1941 and given to American GIs serving in World War II, M&M’s have gone from being simple little chocolate candies to a cultural phenomenon that includes characters with personalities, several varieties on the classic M&M’s candies and a cult-like following of fans that collect M&M’s paraphernalia.

If you’ve got even the slightest interest in M&M’s—or you’d just like to feast your eyes on a colorful and unusual store while you’re in Las Vegas—make a stop at M&M’s World, which is located in the GameWorks plaza north of MGM Grand. This four-story shop is more than just a commercial enterprise. On the second floor is a free 3D film that isn’t spectacular in execution but is still fun to check out, especially if you have kids in tow. On the third floor, visitors can glimpse several M&M’s-related collector’s items, and, on the top floor, the M&M’s-sponsored NASCAR is on display. As you make your way up and down the escalator in M&M’s World, take note of the walls on each side, which depict the evolution of the M&M’s characters throughout their history.

Because of theinteresting collection of memorabilia and historic references of M&M’s throughout M&M’s World, the store is in many ways a museum, which can be viewed and visited without the purchase of anything. Of course, if you’d like to take home your own little piece of M&M’s memorabilia, you have countless options. Items for sale include everything from pajamas and pillowcases to dishes, plush characters, keychains, picture frames and shower curtains. If it could be emblazoned with an M&M’s insignia, chances are you can buy it at M&M’s World.

Over the years, M&M’s have evolved from simple chocolate candies (though those still exist) to chocolate candies that coat peanuts and almonds or are enhanced as dark chocolate or mint chocolate. Regardless of which M&M’s you’ve come to love over the years, you’ll find it at M&M’s World in any color imaginable. Against the back wall on the second floor are dozens of dispensers with M&M’s of every variety and every color, which guests can buy in bulk by the pound. If you can’t find the perfect item to take home as a souvenir, stock up here with M&M’s in your favorite color to snack on as you wander the rest of the Las Vegas Strip.

M&M’s World is open daily from 9:00 a.m.-midnight.

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