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Travel Tip: Saving on Flights to Vegas

Despite how many good deals you can find on hotel rooms, dinners, and shows; the expenses of Las Vegas can quickly add up once you actually get there. Because of this, I highly suggest saving as much money as possible before you leave. At least this way you will have some extra money to spend once you make it there. Aside from saving money by getting cheap Las Vegas hotel rooms, the second best way to save money before you leave for Vegas is by getting a good deal on your airline ticket to Vegas.

Finding cheap flights to Las Vegas is not a hard thing to do as along as you follow the basic rules of cheap air travel.

Because Las Vegas is already such a popular vacation destination it is pretty easy to find good deals if you hunt around for them. One of the best ways to get good deals on flights to Las Vegas is to plan ahead. If you can manage to plan your vacation to Vegas several months ahead of time, you have a good chance at getting a super deal. Of course, just because you plan on visiting on a major holiday weekend six months in advance doesn’t mean you will get a good deal. It is also worth mentioning that anything past six months is overkill and probably won’t result in cheaper fares

But Las Vegas is also about being spur of the moment. As such, you can sometimes find really good last minute deals as well. These usually have to be very last minute to get the best rates from the airlines. If you plan on going this route, just make sure you have the cash on hand to get the tickets right away and that you have a ride to the airport.

Other basic rules to follow include things like not flying on or around major holidays. If possible, avoid weekend travel. Traveling during mid week wills ave you money on both your flight and hotel rooms, which is always a plus. Aside from saving you money, midweek travel will also save you some headaches. The weekends tend to be the busiest times at the airport, hotel, and everywhere in Vegas. While it might be easier to get an extended weekend off work, it will probably result in you not getting to do everything you wanted to in Vegas.