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Watch Globe Trekker Episodes On Your Computer


If you have ever been a fan of watching travel shows between your actual trips, then you are probably well aware of the Globe Trekker series. They started out in 1994 called Lonely Planet, but a few years ago they changed the name to Globe Trekker or Pilot Guides in some places. The friendly format of the show has remained the same though, and guides Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, and Megan McCormick are all still among the hosts producing new shows each year.

The great news is that the Globe Trekker shows are now available for online viewing. Check out the GlobeTrekkerChannel to be able to watch the episodes you want when you want to watch them. Sign up on the GlobeTrekkerChannel site first, so you’ll know which episodes are coming, then you purchase credits and begin watching. Once you choose a show you can watch it an unlimited number of times for 7 days after purchase. In addition to the main Globe Trekker series there are also episodes of Planet Food as well as other specialty shows.

You can also download an mp3 of that unmistakable theme song, or download recipes featured on Planet Food. There are some free interviews available for viewing from the main Globe Trekker hosts so you can check out the quality.