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Fremont Clubs Band Together For Neon Reverb Music Fest

In a show of unity, several downtown clubs are gathering together for a new music festival called Neon Reverb, which will kick off next month, the weekend of September 11 through 14.

Neon Reverb music festival in Las VegasPut together by local promoters, the festival will offer shows at Beauty Bar, The Bunkhouse, Brass Lounge and Jillian’s, with the idea that attendees can either park themselves at one bar for the night, or obtain a pass that lets them club hop and check out all the entertainment options. The festival’s closing party will take place at The Griffin on Sunday night.

Most of the musical lineup consists of local bands, but there will be a few out-of-towners in the mix.

Thursday, Sept 11, the event kicks off with shows at The Bunkhouse and Beauty Bar from The Novelty Act, Close To Modern, Quest-ce Que C’est, Shirt in the Jupon, Mere Mortals and I’m the Rabbit.

Friday, Sept 12, the music lineup is spread between Brass Lounge, Beauty Bar and Jillian’s, and features The Big Friendly Corporation, AltaRevere, The Pacific, The Opera, Halloween Town, The Black Merlin and The Silent Comedy.

Saturday, Sept 13, all four venues will be cranking out tunes starting early at 6:30pm, with bands including Val-Halla, When You Wake, Think, The Stript, As He Defeats, Pan De Sal, Turboweekend (all the way from Denmark!), Lips Like Morphine, Castaneda, Yeller Bellies, The Clydesdale, and Dusty Rhodes and the River Band.

Sunday, Sept. 14, Neon Reverb winds down with shows at The Bunkhouse and Beauty Bar featuring Army of the Red Sparrow, Las Vegas Club, Demasiado, and more, including the aforementioned closing shindig at The Griffin.

Each night, cover charge for staying at one venue all night will set you back between $6 and $10, or you can club hop for the night, with pass options that range from $10 to $20.  Or you can just throw yourself in headfirst and buy the All-Festival Pass that is good the entire four days for all venues for only $50. I’m told this weekend pass will also include some “secret” shows not available to single-day ticket/pass holders.

A complete and current listing of bands playing, along with a full schedule, can be found at the event’s website Most shows are 21+, but the Jillian’s events are either 18+ or all ages. All of the clubs can be found within a block or so of each other, with most concentrated along Fremont Street in the Fremont East District.

The promoters hope to hold this event twice a year, and I think it’s a great way to check out what’s happening in the Vegas music scene, plus you get to spend a night out in some great local venues.