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Allegiant Air $7 Sale

Ok, I realize this is short notice, but it’s such a great deal, I wanted to give you readers a shot at it.

Allegiant Air, which flies from smaller cities or alternate airports in larger cities, is having a one day only $7 sale on airfare to Vegas to celebrate the 7-7-07 date.

Visit the Allegiant Air sale page by 7pm Pacific time (that’s 10pm to you east-coasters) today, and you might be able to score a $7 ticket (plus all airport fees and taxes).

I did a little search and you do have to hunt around for the $7 tickets, and from what I found, the majority of them are inbound to Vegas. You might pay more for the return (or just fly with a different airline). But if you can find a seat, it’s a great deal.

Good luck and happy booking! If you score a deal, let us know in comments.