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Even more new Las Vegas Deals have been added

NYNYYou may be aware of our new Las Vegas Deals page where we collect up the best airfare+hotel packages we can find onto one page, but you may not be aware that lately we’ve been adding special hotel-only deals to the top of the page as well. These special deals often have a restriction or two, but if you qualify you can usually get a really cheap room in addition to dining coupons, free drinks, and loads of other cool things.

We’ve just added a few new ones and there are some really great deals on there at the moment. One I found amusing is the Circus Circus is offering not only rates of $51 per night, but they are throwing in a free $50 Gas Card and a few other things as well. The many people who drive in from Los Angeles should really appreciate that one. Check out the Las Vegas Deals page to see the new and existing offers. We usually update it once per week and these have a limited time frame so it’s worth staying on top of it if you are planning a trip soon.