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Las Vegas Strip hotels starting at $29, and other amazing deals

Those who have been following recent developments are well aware that hotel rooms in Las Vegas haven’t been this cheap or easy to book in a decade or more. The hotels are really struggling to get guests at the moment, and the jaw-dropping Las Vegas deals are starting to reflect that.

If this phenomenon is new to you, I’ll briefly explain. These huge hotels offer certain rates on their own websites and through normal online travel agencies (like Expedia and Travelocity etc), but they also offer special package deals through other places, and these are almost always much better deals. They start with a great room rate, and then throw in things like free meals, show tickets, drinks, spa credits, and now we’ve just added one that gives you a $300 flight credit for your next trip!

Check out all the new Vegas Deals, as many of the newer and better ones expire at the end of November, even though you can book rooms for several months ahead on those deals. There is sure to be more great deals coming in December, but there is limited availability for the best deals, so if you see something that works, book it now.