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Megabus Offers $1 Fare From LA to Vegas

Megabus Offers $1 Fare From LA to VegasTravelers in the Midwest U.S. have been able to avail themselves of the low cost busline Megabus for over a year. Now West Coast budget travelers can take advantage of the low fares Megabus offers as the company expands to serve California, Nevada and Arizona this week.

The Los Angeles to Las Vegas route starts today, with tickets starting at only $1 each way, plus a 50 cent reservation fee per order. So two round trip tickets bought at the same time would set you back less than $5. And even if those $1 seats sell out, you can still obtain tickets for $8 or $16 each way, which is quite a deal.

As with the Midwest routes, Megabus operates non-stop trips between destinations, so you’re not paying for the low fares by making twenty en route stops to pick up extra passengers. It’s a straight shot from pickup to drop off.

Using Los Angeles as the hub, the company will offer new routes to San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Diego, Las Vegas and Tempe, AZ. As of now, the only Las Vegas route is to Los Angeles, but passengers in the other West Coast cities can make a connection via Los Angeles to Vegas, though each city-pair is priced as a separate ticket.

Who says you can’t get anything for a buck anymore, eh? Now if only they can connect their Midwest routes with the West Coast.

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