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More late summer Las Vegas hotel deals are available

We’ve just updated our Las Vegas Deals section, and we are happy to announce there are now more there than ever before. In case you aren’t familiar with how this works, the major hotels offer pretty good room prices through normal online travel-booking sites, but they also have special deals that are only available in certain places, like this site, for example. With these hotel deals they offer limited-time incentives to try to fill rooms at a time when they aren’t too busy. They include free meals, drinks, and show tickets, as well as some even more creative things, and they combine those with room rates that are usually even lower than the rate you’ll get elsewhere for the room alone.

We now have 15 different special deals, which include many of the largest and nicest hotels on the Strip, like the Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, and the Monte Carlo. A few of them expire in the next week or two, but many of them continue for the rest of the year. Check out the Vegas Deals before you book elsewhere, and hopefully you’ll find one that works for you.