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First Look: Monte Carlo Teases With Hotel32

I got an email from the Monte Carlo today about something called Hotel 32. No text in the email, but a slew of lovely photos of different room configurations.

hotel32-300The big question is what is Hotel32 and why the secrecy?

hotel32-01slideWell, for those that don’t know the Monte Carlo, the top floor is the 32nd floor. This is the floor that in January 2008 caught on fire due to an accident with some work being done on the roof.

Could it be that MGM Mirage, which owns the property, has decided to turn this floor into a mini-boutique hotel of sorts with a variety of suites? Or is this a sort of special club floor for high rollers?

Either way, it’s an interesting turn for a property that is usually marketed to the mid-range visitors to Sin City, with room prices that usually average $60-$80 a night.

At this point, the details surrounding what exactly “Hotel 32” is are being kept hush hush, but the photos sure look nice. Here are a few of them:




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