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The Frontier’s Final Moments In Video

In this final installment of the end of the Frontier hotel series, I’ve got one last set of photos from the night of the implosion. These show the aftermath of the explosions.

Frontier implosion - rubble collage

The building, formerly the 16-story Atrium hotel tower, was brought down by 1,000 pounds of explosives that were so precise that not only did the tower not knock down any of the surrounding buildings, it also left the nearby carport and palm trees intact.

Frontier implosion - rubble collage

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about the project that will sit on these grounds, the multi-billion dollar Plaza Las Vegas. But for now, enjoy this video of the final moments of the Frontier implosion. Feel free to share this video or embed it on your website.

Thanks to Shana Wright for her assistance in putting the video together and to Preferred Public Relations for the access to shoot it.

Do you have photos or video posted from the night of the implosion? Leave us your links in the comments.