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AOL Vegas Lists Top 25 Vegas Songs

Fletch, blogging over at AOL Vegas, lists his picks for the “Top 25 Greatest Vegas Songs Ever” in his weekly post.

AOL Vegas Lists Top 25 Vegas Songs - Elvis Viva Las VegasIt’s obvious from looking at his list that its based on his personal (and very eclectic) tastes. How else to explain how Elvis’ “Viva Las Vegas” only ranked at #5. I think if you look at it from the “quintessential” Vegas jukebox point of view, that song is the one most associated with Sin City.

Here’s a quick look at the top five of his list:

#1 – Dean Martin / “Drink to Me Only” (medley)
#2 – Elvis Presley / “Night Life”
#3 – Cocteau Twins / “Heaven or Las Vegas”
#4 – Tom Waits / “Straight to the Top (Vegas)”
#5 – Elvis Presley / “Viva Las Vegas”

For the rest of his Top 25, click the link above.

How about you? What song about Las Vegas would rank at the top of your list?