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How Lazy Can Vegas Visitors Get?

An article debuted in the nationally distributed newspaper USA Today this weekend which sheds light on a new phenomenon I witnessed on my last Strip visit: perfectly healthy people using motorized wheelchairs to get around.

In the article, titled “Las Vegas lazy’ tourists try scooters to navigate Strip,” the writer points out that while it’s not illegal, there is definitely something unethical about the new trend.

From the article:

“There’s lazy, and then there’s Las Vegas lazy.

In increasing numbers, Las Vegas tourists exhausted by the four miles of gluttony laid out before them are getting around on electric “mobility scooters.”

Don’t think trendy Vespa motorbikes. Think updated wheelchair.

Forking over about $40 a day and their pride, perfectly healthy tourists are cruising around Las Vegas casinos in transportation intended for the infirm.” [By Kathleen Hennessey, Associated Press Writer]

Since then, the AP has syndicated the article to hundreds of newspapers worldwide. Is this really the image we want for Las Vegas? People so lazy and driven to excess that they can’t even find the energy to walk?

I certainly don’t. I have no problems with anyone who has a valid medical problem from riding a motorized wheelchair. But if you can walk, then just walk. Hey, I know the distances between the resorts can be huge, but the occasional exercise will do you good if you’ve been sitting on your butt gambling for a few hours. Not to mention you can always take the monorail if you’re going longer distances and don’t want to drive.

What do you guys think? Do you think it’s OK for perfectly healthy people to rent and ride a motorized wheelchair to get around the Strip? Or do you think they should stop being lazy? Let me know in the comments.