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Tourism Officials Try New Vegas Slogan

Everybody knows the most popular Vegas tourism slogan: “What happens here, stays here.” But tourism officials for the city are trying out a new slogan that may be used to a more target audience.

“Your Vegas is Showing.”

That’s the phrase that has been trademarked for testing by focus groups, according to the Review-Journal.

It’s kind of cute and a little less racy than the popular “What happens here, stays here.” I could see this being used to market Vegas to a business audience, which doesn’t necessarily come here just to play.

If it’s approved, the slogan could be used in print and television ads as early as this fall, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. But they go on to say that if successful, the new slogan will not replace the current slogan, which they have so far used in $131 million of Vegas marketing materials.

But the move to test a new slogan has sparked other members of the press to suggest alternate slogans.

USA Today had over 151 comments in response, ranging from “Hey! It’s Vegas Baby!” (which I kind of liked) and “I’ll Show You My Vegas If You Show Me Yours” to some that were more derogatory, like “Vegas – The boulevard of broken dreams” and “Las Vegas — Hell’s warm up act.” Kinda get the idea the last two didn’t do well at gambling? Yeah, me too.

What’s Happening, Vegas? doesn’t like the slogan at all and gives a few reasons why.

Vegas Tripping says who cares about the slogans anyways, but then puts in their two cents with some suggestions. My favorite? “Vegas – Now with 13.6% More Cirque du Soleil!”

Let me put on my thinking cap…how about “Vegas…Yeah, we’ve got that.” Or “If you can’t do it at home, do it in Vegas.” Ok, one more: “Vegas. You won’t believe your eyes.”

So, what do you think? Like the new slogan? Hate it? Have an alternate suggestion? Let your thoughts fly in the comments.