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Real World Vegas Reunion Wraps Filming

Real World Reunited: Vegas CastLast month, the cast of MTV’s “Real World Las Vegas” got together to film a reunion mini-season for the network. Back home at their digs at the Palms, the seven original cast members caught up on each other’s lives and dished a lot of dirt on what it was like filming the original season.

This Saturday, May 19th, MTV will show that first Vegas season in its entirety during a “Real World Las Vegas” marathon. The event kicks off at noon with “Real World Reunited: Vegas Casting Special,” showing how the cast got back together, then continues through the entire original season of the Las Vegas cast.

Then on May 30th, the network will debut the new season, “Reunited: The Real World Vegas,” at 10pm. Like the original season, this show makes great use of its surroundings, so expect to see a lot of the Palms and its Playboy Fantasy Tower. I’m told quite a lot of filming took place in Moon Nightclub and the Playboy Club.

Were you ever a fan of the show? I just liked watching for the Vegas background myself, so I’ll probably tune in for an episode or two to see the Palms, even though I’m not a fan of reality TV.