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Travel Channel to Debut Two New Vegas Shows

Travel Channel to Debut Three New Vegas ShowsSome of the most watched shows on The Travel Channel are about Vegas. They have covered everything from the gambling to where to stay and eat, and are a great primer for anything you could want to know about the city.

On August 26th, The Travel Channel is debuting two new Vegas shows, starting at 9pm ET/PT. The first, “More Las Vegas FAQs,” answers more questions about the city, including how to get the VIP treatment. It’s followed by “More Las Vegas Do’s and Don’ts,” which offers additional tips and tricks for making the most out of your visit.

To prime the viewer for these new shows, The Travel Channel is making the whole weekend all about Vegas. The network starts with “Las Vegas: FAQ” at 2pm ET/PT on Saturday, August 25th, ending at 9pm. It then resumes the Vegas coverage at 11am ET/PT on Sunday, running right up to the premiere of the three new shows.

During the weekend, will be running commercials and five of them will be submissions received during the “Direct the Next Vegas.Com-mercial Contest” run in conjunction with this year’s CineVegas Film Festival. Among them will be the winning spot by Brian Lazzaro, who will begin developing’s next multimillion TV campaign later this year.

Here’s the complete list of the shows set to air this weekend:

Saturday, August 25:

  • 2pm – “Las Vegas: F.A.Q.”
  • 3pm – “Vegas Do’s and Don’ts”
  • 4pm – “Vegas Eats”
  • 5pm – “The Vegas Quiz”
  • 6pm – “Las Vegas Caught on Tape”
  • 7pm – “Las Vegas: Cheaters Beware!”
  • 8pm – “Vegas Cheaters Exposed”

Sunday, August 26:

  • 11am – “Las Vegas: Best of the Best”
  • 12pm – “Las Vegas: Gambling with the Pros”
  • 1pm – “Las Vegas: Get Lucky”
  • 2pm – “Las Vegas: What Would You Do If…”
  • 3pm – “Top Ten Ways to Win in Vegas”
  • 4pm – “The Player’s Guide to Vegas”
  • 5pm – “Getting Rich in Vegas”
  • 6pm – “Vegas: Beating the Odds”
  • 7pm – “Las Vegas: Sucker Bets”
  • 8pm – “Vegas Revealed”
  • 9pm – “More Las Vegas FAQ’s”
  • 10pm – “More Las Vegas Do’s and Don’ts”

For more information on any of these shows, please visit the Travel Channel at