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BODIES … The Exhibit at Luxor Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas is a hub for entertainment, but you don’t have to leave the city feeling like you haven’t learned anything from the experience. One of the exhibits in Las Vegas that promises to be both educational and memorable is BODIES … The Exhibit.

Located above the casino floor of the Luxor Hotel and Casino, BODIES provides an intimate look into the incredible machine that is the human body. Most people don’t think about how many things take place within the body at any given moment—blood circulates, lungs inflate, the heart beats, the brain sends messages, muscles stretch, bones support—and BODIES provides a forum for people to see these parts of the body as well as learn about how these parts work together to create a complex being.

BODIES is more than just another room in a science museum. Instead of placards and diagrams simply describing the many components that make up a human, there are more than 200 actual human bodies and specimens that have been dissected and are tastefully displayed for viewing.

Different sections of the exhibit are dedicated to certain parts of the body, making it easier to understand the relationship between different body functions and systems. Each system is fully explained in understandable detail, offering close-up viewing and learning opportunities about everything from the bones and muscles to the reproductive system and fetal development.

The exhibit is tastefully displayed and appropriate for guests of all ages. Children and young teenagers should be accompanied by an adult so that they can engage in questions and conversations about the exhibit as needed. The atmosphere is quiet and respectful; this isn’t the place for children to run around. It’s worth noting that the lighting at Bodies is warm and welcoming but bright enough to create a good viewing experience while removing the possibility for creepiness.

BODIES is well regarded and popular with visitors to Las Vegas, especially with those who want to add something a bit more enriching to an otherwise potentially overwhelming vacation steeped in partying, drinking and gambling. If you, too, would like to go home with an enriching experience, consider checking it out for yourself.

The exhibition is open from 10:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. every day of the week. Tickets may be purchased up to one hour before closing times with the last admission at 9:00 p.m. Allow adequate time to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

General admission in $32.00 with discounts for children, seniors, military personnel and local residents. Check for coupons in local magazines or discount books.

Photo credit: MGM International