Fast Lap Las Vegas Go Karts

If you’ve ever gone go-kart racing, but yearned for a little more, Fast Lap Las Vegas just might be the place for you. At Fast Lap indoor cart racing, you get put behind the seat of a 200cc go-kart capable of reaching speeds of 40 mph. These custom-built racing karts are built and maintained by people who have a real passion for kart racing.

Each of your laps is timed, and recorded, and you can receive a printout upon finishing to see how you did compared to your friends. Oh, and yes, you can race your friends…up to 15 at a time. Heats last approximately 20 laps, giving you plenty of time to find out who the Mario Andretti of your group really is. And, speaking of heat, FastLap Las Vegas is an indoor facility, meaning you can race the karts without breaking a sweat outside when temps hit the 100s.




Fast Lap indoor cart racing is located five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip at 4288 South Polaris.