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Romantic Things to Do in Las Vegas

It may not be Paris or Bali, but Las Vegas is more romantic than you might think. Whether you’ll be in Sin City for Valentine’s Day, or if you just need a romantic getaway, there are plenty of things to keep you and your sweetheart busy.

Ride a Gondola

Drift away down the canals of the Venetian with a romantic ride on a gondola. It may not be Venice, but the atmosphere is fairly authentic … a slow ride under the bridges and along the cobblestone streets as the gondolier sings sweet songs that echo throughout the hall. Keep it extra intimate by splurging on a two-person boat.

Get Married

Whether you choose to have Elvis marry you or not, Las Vegas is the place to tie the knot. If you want to get married in Las Vegas, the process is relatively cheap, easy and fast. Any number of celebrity impersonators can conduct your ceremony, but you can also get married at the courthouse or plan something with a little more class. In addition to dozens of stand-alone chapels throughout the city, most resorts have on-site chapels and wedding planners.

Watch the Bellagio Fountains

Every night the Fountains of Bellagio perform for thousands of people. The song-and-dance routine ranges from Broadway classics to romantic melodies and even seasonal favorites during the holidays. You and your loved one won’t be the only ones watching the fountains, but it’s easy to hold hands or snuggle together as you enjoy one of the iconic sites of Las Vegas.

Catch a Romantic Show

Whether your idea of romance is whimsical or raunchy, there’s a show in Las Vegas for you. Romantics will want to book tickets for something along the lines of Phantom of the Opera or Le Reve. If, however, you and your special someone are looking for something a bit more suggestive, you might enjoy the sensual side of Cirque in Zumanity or Peepshow, a sexy revue based on nursery rhymes with a naughty twist.

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Take a Helicopter Tour

Many companies offer helicopter tours in and around the Las Vegas area. One of the most popular tours provides an aerial view of the Grand Canyon, which can take several hours to reach by car. Grand Canyon helicopter tours allow you and your partner to see one of Earth’s most spectacular natural wonders by bird’s eye view. You might even be able to book a package that schedules a stop at Lake Mead National Recreation Area (located near the Hoover Dam) for a picnic lunch. Another popular helicopter tour is one that provides an aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip at night. Though spectacular from the ground, the Las Vegas Strip is even more memorizing at night from the sky.

Enjoy the Desert Sunset

The desert sunsets in the Southwest have the potential to be a brilliant display of reds, oranges and pinks, especially if there are any lingering clouds in the sky. As strange as it may sound, there’s something oddly beautiful about the colorful sunset slowly fading as the brilliant lights of the Strip start to turn on. Stake out a spot in Red Rock Canyon, at Lake Mead, near Mt. Charleston or anywhere slightly away from the traffic so you and your loved one can enjoy the moment uninterrupted. If a sunset isn’t your thing, try to catch an early morning sunrise instead.

Ride the Roller Coasters

Riding Las Vegas’ roller coasters isn’t every body’s idea of a romantic encounter, but this is definitely something you can do if you want to hold your sweetie close. Be propelled up a 224-foot tower at Sahara before plunging backward along the track or whip around corners of the roller coaster at New York New York at a mind-numbing 67 miles per hour. Enjoy the adrenaline rush together before squeezing in a few more fun activities for an action-packed afternoon.

Get a Couples Massage

Almost every Las Vegas hotel has a spa of some sort, and many of those offer couples massages. Perhaps you’d like to indulge in a session before a romantic dinner and evening out, or maybe you need to clear your head from the night before. Regardless, these intimate, private sessions will allow you both to relax and enjoy each other’s presence.

Catch the View from the Top of the Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is exactly half the size of the real deal in France, but the view from the top is unlike anything you’ve seen in Europe. Take an elevator ride to the top with your sweetheart, and check out the Strip either midday or at night. Let the memories linger by reserving a table at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant, located on the 11th floor of the resort.

Go Wine Tasting

Several restaurants in Las Vegas offer extensive wine lists, and a few frequently have wine tasting opportunities. The Hostile Grape at M Resort is a wine cellar, bar and tasting room with 160 wines available by the glass. In addition to actual tasting events, visitors are welcome to enjoy the Hostile Grape’s offerings via a dispensing system that uses pre-paid wine cards. Selections range from fine Italian and French wines to boutique offerings from South Africa and Spain.

Take a Dinner Cruise

Skim across the glassy blue surface of Lake Mead aboard a paddle boat. There are a couple companies that offer sightseeing and meal cruises on this massive man-made lake just north of the Hoover Dam. The brunch and midday sightseeing cruises are certainly worth your while, but if you’d like something a bit more romantic, consider booking a dinner cruise. These evening cruises come with a full-course meal, cooler temperatures and the opportunity to see a beautiful sunset.

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