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Casinos in Las Vegas

Gambling is a big business in Las Vegas, and there are plenty of casinos in Sin City to prove that point.

There are several dozen Las Vegas casinos on the Las Vegas Strip itself, dozens more just off of the Strip and many more in downtown Las Vegas. There are slot machines in grocery stores and throughout the terminals at McCarran International Airport. You can play keno and other video gambling machines in just about every bar, lounge and restaurant in the Las Vegas valley.

In one sense, all of these casinos are all nearly the same in that their primary goal is to provide guests with entertainment for a price. Let’s face it … regardless of where you choose to gamble in Las Vegas, chances are you’re going to lose money in the long run. In another sense, however, all of these casinos provide very different experiences. In most of the themed resorts in Las Vegas, the look and feel of the hotel is carried over onto the casino floor, even if it is in the way the dealers dress and the slot machines look.

You’ll want to visit at least a few casinos before you commit to spending too much time in any one of them. Some people prefer smaller casinos or casinos where different games are separated from each other. Other people prefer the over-the-top glitz of huge casinos where the energy of several games being played at once creates an exciting atmosphere throughout the room. These casino floors are large enough to hold several special gaming events at one time.

There are also several casinos that are unaffiliated with hotels in Las Vegas. Because these places rely on general interest traffic and not just hotel guests, it is often possible to find cheap drink specials and special players clubs in them in order to entice visitors.

Finding the Best Casino

There is no one casino that pays out significantly more cash than another, nor is there any way to define the “best” casino in terms of atmosphere. The beauty of the casinos in Las Vegas is that there really is something for every body.

The newest Las Vegas hotels have become increasingly confusing and for good reason: They want you to stay where you’re at so that you’ll spend money on their casino floors. Once you leave the building, you’ll be tempted to wander next door or down the street to find another, more interesting casino at which to spend money. Don’t feel stuck where you are. You’ll enjoy the Las Vegas experience more if you stay and gamble where you feel most comfortable.

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Don’t be Afraid of Luxury

Not everyone realizes this, but the gaming odds and level of service at Las Vegas casinos has nothing to do with the luxuriousness of a hotel. In other words, the odds of winning are the same all over the city whether you step into a hole-in-the-wall dive or play at a five-star resort. Additionally, the level of service can be excellent or poor at glitzy or run-down places. If you’ve found a cheap hotel room, don’t be afraid of gambling at a nicer resort just across the street. The experience and odds are likely very similar.

Memorable Casinos in Las Vegas:

Caesars Palace – The impressive Roman-inspired columns and picturesque fountains are just two reasons to spend some time in the casino at Caesars Palace. The uniforms worn by their attractive waitresses are legendary, and it’s common to find men dressed as gladiators strolling between gaming tables. The Caesars Palace casino has kept its style and appeal for several decades in spite of new competition.

Bally’s Las Vegas – This older hotel has one of those huge casinos where everything is visible from everywhere. The casino’s race and sports book is considered one of best in the city, and the main gambling hall with slots and tables should not be missed, even if you just walk through to check it out.

Bellagio – This casino is thought of as the fanciest in Las Vegas, but the slots and table games are still affordable for most gamblers. The casino floor is outfitted with class, just as the rest of the hotel is. Go for the glamor, stay for the gambling experience.

Hard Rock Hotel – This smaller hotel is not on the Strip, but its music-themed casino is very popular with the young celebrity crowd from Hollywood. Around the edges of the casino floor are several glass cases packed with music memorabilia, including clothing, instruments and signed albums. This is probably where you’ll stand the best chance for a brush with fame, so take note of who might be playing at the same poker table as you.

MGM Grand – At approximately 150,000 square feet, the casino at MGM Grand is the largest casino floor in Las Vegas. Rows upon rows of slot machines and well more than 100 gaming tables are spread throughout this spacious casino, which is flanked by the famous tiger viewing area.

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