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Off-Strip Las Vegas Hotels

Palms LVIf you are planning your first Las Vegas trip, chances are you’ll want to reserve a room in one of the many resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. This isn’t a bad strategy. After all, staying on this four-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard gives you easy access to the hottest action in the city. Though you won’t necessarily be able to walk everywhere you want to go, staying in a hotel on the Strip puts you within a short cab ride of the city’s most popular nightclubs, restaurants and attractions.

That’s not to say that there aren’t many great hotels worth staying in that are located off of the Las Vegas Strip though. In fact, some of them have become particularly popular in recent years for people who make return trips to Las Vegas and want only to relax instead of immersing themselves in all the lights and sounds of Las Vegas Boulevard.

The off-Strip hotels in Las Vegas include many trendy hotels that just happen to be located elsewhere in town, hotels in downtown Las Vegas and so-called “locals’ hotels,” which include those owned by Station Casinos.

Though you may decide that staying on the Strip is a good choice for your first trip to Las Vegas, there are also many compelling reasons to choose off-Strip accommodations.

Why should I stay at an off-Strip hotel?

  • They tend to have cheaper rooms. (Check for travel deals for Las Vegas before booking.)
  • If you have a car, you can easily leave the hotel to explore other parts of Las Vegas, including the Strip. (More information about renting a car in Las Vegas.)
  • They are often less crowded, especially during peak visitation times.
  • They attract more locals and therefore often have special deals you wouldn’t be able to find on the Strip.
  • Some of them are purposely located in more isolated areas, which adds to the appeal and decreases the madness.

Five of the most popular off-Strip hotels

Palms Casino Hotel – Don’t look here for cheap rooms, but select the Palms as your accommodation of choice if you want to stay at one of the most popular destinations for anyone hot and hip. This off-Strip hotel is one of the more posh hotels in Las Vegas, especially considering its extensive array of over-the-top suites available for rent.Palms is home to several of the hottest nightclubs and bars in the city, and its on-site concert space, The Pearl, is one of the best in Las Vegas. To top off the experience, Palms (and the adjoining Palms Place) has an extensive array of award-winning restaurants, and the view from the top floors is one of the best in all of Las Vegas.

Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino – With more than 2,500 rooms, the Rio is one of the largest off-Strip hotels in Las Vegas. It’s been popular with locals since it opened in 1990 but has become increasingly popular with out-of-town guests due to its reasonable prices and large suite-like rooms. The resort has several theaters with mainstream performers and one of the most popular buffets in the city. Since 2005, the Rio has hosted the famous World Series of Poker each July and August.

Las Vegas Hilton – With nearly 3,200 rooms, the Las Vegas Hilton is the largest off-Strip hotel. It is considered by many as one of the nicest off-Strip hotels as well. This is where Elvis played in 1969 when it was called the International, and even though the resort has been around for many years, several refurbishments have helped it keep its classy and appealing charm.

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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Since it opened in 1995, this small but popular hotel has been a huge favorite for celebrities and the people who love them. Though the Hard Rock restaurants are occasionally considered a bit cheesy, this hotel has earned a reputation for being a legit hangout for young rock fans. Expect to find good music playing throughout the hotel and casino around the clock, and look ahead for some of the top touring music acts in the world, which perform in the small, on-site theater, The Joint. With less than 700 rooms on site, this hotel is small compared to others, so if you’d like to book a room here, do so well in advance.

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Gold Coast Hotel and Casino – This has been a favorite hotel and casino for locals since it opened in 1986. It’s only two blocks from the Strip, but it’s particularly easy to access. Room prices tend to be much lower than most of the newer theme hotels on the Strip, so this place is especially popular with people visiting Las Vegas on a budget.

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Other off-Strip Las Vegas hotels:

M Resort – Though this hotel is technically located on Las Vegas Boulevard, it is far removed from the defined Strip area.
Ravella Las Vegas

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