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Vacation Packages in Las Vegas

As the most visited city in the United States, Las Vegas vacations are obviously an extremely popular way for people to spend their time off. Unfortunately, like any vacation to any destination, you’ll need to set aside a few pennies to save for your trip. Luckily, finding cheap airfare, discounted hotels and savings for attractions is quite easy in Las Vegas. However, if you’d like to drop the entire price of your trip just a bit more, consider looking around for a vacation package to Las Vegas.

Vacation Packages for Las Vegas

Booking a vacation package is extremely simple in Las Vegas, since the opportunity seems to be just about everywhere you turn. In some destinations, vacation packages simply bundle any combination of airfare, hotel and rental car, but in Sin City, nearly everything comes as a packaged opportunity including spa treatments, show tickets, dining vouchers and entertainment coupons. You can take advantage of these opportunities by booking through a travel agent, browsing our best Las Vegas deals or poking around the internet on your own to see what you can piece together.

Main Vacation Package Components


Don’t get too carried away with low package vacation prices because airfare to Las Vegas is almost always quite low, especially compared to places like Hawaii or the Caribbean. It’s almost always possible to fly to Vegas for less than $300.00 from any city in the United States if you start your search early.

If you can be flexible with your travel dates, you can find great deals if you arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday, even with very little notice. The best hotel prices are available midweek as well. If you combine this airfare and hotel price, you’ve already got a steal. However, if you look for vacation packages over weekends or holidays, it may be difficult to find as good of a deal. This isn’t to say they aren’t there, but check the fine print on the special as there may be blackout dates applied to certain offers.


Las Vegas is filled with huge resorts and many of them are quite expensive, but, when bundled in a vacation package, these often pricey hotels become a much more affordable option, especially during the slower seasons. When researching hotel offerings in vacation packages, look for discounts that accumulate with longer stays and upgrades to room types. Even once you reach the front desk for check in, you may be able to upgrade with a simple slip of a $20.00 to the person helping you.

Other Vacation Package Offerings

Rental Car

Several vacation packages come with a discounted rental car built in to the price. It can be advantageous to have a car if you’d like to take a day trip beyond the Las Vegas Strip, such as to Hoover Dam or Red Rock Canyon. There are also several national parks near Las Vegas that require access to a car (if you don’t want to take a tour). However, if you are planning on staying on the Strip or are only going as far as downtown Las Vegas, then you really don’t need one. Don’t get talked into renting one just because it looks like a good deal.


Though gambling is not the main reason people travel to Las Vegas, most people end up playing at least a few hands of blackjack or dropping a few coins in the slot machine. When booked through specific hotels, there are a number of vacation packages that include somewhere between $10.00 and $25.00 worth of free credit in the hotel casino. Gambling in Las Vegas can be exhilarating, but keep in mind that the hotel is counting on you running out of your free money and spending more out of your own pocket after that.

Spa Credit

Several hotel packages come with some sort of spa credit to use at the on-site spa and fitness center. These credits are usually around $50.00, which is enticing enough to get people to use them but not enough to cover any of the treatments. It’s worth booking a vacation package that comes with spa credits if that is something you wanted to do while you were in Las Vegas anyway, but if you end up going to the spa because you don’t want to let the credits go to waste, then you may end up paying more than you would have had you not booked a vacation package.

Dining Vouchers

Las Vegas is now considered one of the finest dining destinations in the United States, and rightly so. Award-winning restaurants owned, managed and run by celebrity chefs are now found in almost every large hotel, and the draw to eat at one of them is particularly enticing if your vacation package includes dining vouchers. If you’re lucky enough to get a discount or coupon to one of these fine restaurants, consider taking advantage of the opportunity. Good food like this doesn’t come along every day. More likely, however, you’ll receive vouchers or discounts to the hotel’s buffet, which can also be a great deal, especially if you’re traveling with voracious eaters!

Show Tickets

Some Las Vegas vacation packages are bundled with free or discounted show tickets as well. You probably won’t have a choice of shows, or, if you do, you’ll be able to choose between the two or three shows at that particular property or sister property. Because show tickets can be quite pricey on their own (though not always), this is an inexpensive way to enjoy a performance, especially if you’re not picky about which one you see.

Other Coupons and Discounts

Occasionally there will be other coupons and discounts built into vacation packages, including actual coupon books and vouchers. Though a lot of these discounts tend to be useless, poke through them in case you find a particularly good deal for a tour, significant savings for drinks and appetizers during happy hour or other discounts that appeal to you.

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