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USA Hostels – Las Vegas

The largest of Las Vegas’ actual hostels has a lot to recommend it, but just like the other hostels in Las Vegas there are some downsides you should be aware of before you book. Just like the others, this is a reformed motel (which means it used to be a cheap hotel designed so guests with cars would never be more than a very short walk from their vehicle), so it has quite a bit of novelty value compared to most big city hostels, even in the United States.

The location

You can read a list of features in dozens of places (and below), but instead let’s start out with the negative thing that brochures try to gloss over. The location pretty much sucks, although of the three actual hostels in the city this might be the best located, in a strange way. The USA Hostel Las Vegas is in a fairly seedy section of Downtown Las Vegas, which seems to have gotten worse in the past decade or so. It’s only 8 short blocks from the dense and covered section of casinos that make up the official Downtown Las Vegas area, but the first 5 or 6 of those blocks appear to be a bit dangerous or unpleasant even during midday. So the walk itself is easy, but not really fun at all since the only people you are likely to encounter are, for lack of a better word, the dregs of society.

On the other hand, the fact that it’s only that short walk to tons of casinos, bars, and restaurants does make this location nearly ideal for those without a car. You could buy a day pass and get to the Fremont Street Experience area with public transportation, but many people might find that more of a hassle than just hoofing it. As long as you stay in groups and know how to handle yourself, the walk is actually not bad. If you’ve got a car then parking is free and easy, and the location is just fine as long as you don’t drink and drive.

The vibe

This is a very friendly and fun place, and the pool and Jacuzzi that take up most of the inner courtyard guarantee that during good weather there will be people hanging out, so meeting other people is relatively easy. The game rooms inside are also nicely set up, so if you get bored here it’s your own fault. The staff are travelers themselves and they are really responsive to whatever you’ll probably want or need.

Hostel feature list:

  • Free all-you-can-make pancakes every morning
  • Free coffee and tea all day
  • Free barbecue every Sunday night
  • Free security lockers
  • Free bed linens
  • Free wireless internet (for travelers with laptops)
  • Free parking
  • Free day-storage of luggage after check out

Beds in the 6 or 8-bed dorms go for around $17 to $25 depending on season, and private rooms for one or two people are around $53 to $65 for the room, depending on season.

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Map of the USA Hostels – Las Vegas (more photos below)