Making Use of the Bellman

Las Vegas hotels are big … really big. It’s not unusual to check in at the lobby and then have to walk a good 15 minutes to reach your room. Don’t exhaust yourself before your Las Vegas vacation has even started. Take advantage of the bellman to start your trip off right.

If you are staying for a week, and someone you’re traveling with has only brought “the essentials” (meaning five suitcases), you might wear yourself out before you even reach the room.

If you parked in valet or arrive via taxi, ask the valet to call you a bellman. If you drove yourself, drop your bags at the valet station before self parking or just carry them to check in yourself. The bellman will take the bags to your room, while you can stroll there on your own time or take a side trip to the casino for some early action.




Note: Tip the bellman  at least $1.00 per suitcase.

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